Online Slot Machine Strategy

Slots History – The birthplace of slots was California. The very first coin-operated slot machine was first patented by Gustave Schultz in the early 1890’s. It was called Horseshoes. Since there was a ban on gambling in California because of the gold-rush, the payouts were not paid in cash, but in novelty items. Later that same decade, Charles Fey invented the classic three-reel slot machine and called it Liberty Bell. After 100 years, the three-reel slot machine is still the most popular but has become less mechanical and more computerized. There are literally 100’s of types of slots to choose from whether it’s a classic slot or a progressive machine with a jackpot.

Slots Purpose, Types and How to Play – Slot machines are considered games of chance. Slot machines have reels/wheels that display symbols. In slots, the purpose is to spin the reels so the symbols form a winning pay line. The payout amount is dependant upon winning combination the reels have formed. Every slot machine is equipped with software to create a Random Number Generator or RNG. The RNG randomly selects several hundred symbols and numbers every second. Every random number controls a specific reel and symbol combination that is randomly selected once a coin or credit is played. Remember that the least programmed combinations are for the highest jackpots.

There are two different types of slot machine. There’s your basic or straight slots, there’s your progressive slots. There are also video slots which can fall under both categories.

Classic or Basic Slots – It is called a classic slot machine because of its jackpot. Classic machines have a steady top jackpot that does not change with the money played at the machine. These slot machines usually offer more frequent wins but they are generally smaller wins. Classic slot machines can offer single or multiple paylines (up to 20 on some video slots) with some even offering several reels (up to 5). The classic basic slot machine has a single payline going across the center of three reels. Other classic slot machines offer multiple paylines above, below, diagonally and more giving players possible wins but you’ll need to play the maximum number of coins to make sure all paylines are covered. Some examples of classic slot machines are Fantastic 7 or Fruit Slots which are available at Microgaming casinos.

Progressive Slots – It is called a progressive slot because the jackpot progressively grows according to the amount of money played at the machine. Progressive slot machines start the jackpot at a base amount and the amount gradually increases as people play. The jackpot amount is shown on the machine and you can watch it grow as you play. Once the jackpot has been hit, the machine is reset to the base amount to begin accumulating again. Some progressive slots machines are connected to other related casinos. An example would be Major Millions which is available at all Microgaming casinos. The base jackpot amount on Major Millions slots starts at a whopping $250,000! Progressive slot machines requires maximum coins to be played to be eligible for the jackpot payout.

To play slots, add your coins into your slot machine of choice. They will appear as credits. Choose the number of coins you would like to play and where applicable, the number of paylines you would like to play. Press “spin”. If you form a winning combination, your credits will be added to your amount.

Slot Strategy

Play at slot machines that offer higher return percentages or payouts. Usually the higher the denomination played, the higher the payout. For example, a $1 slot machine will have a higher payout than a 25 cent machine

Play slots for short amounts of time. The longer you play, the higher the chance of winning for the house

Decide ahead of time how much your bankroll is for a session and stick to it

Make sure you know how many coins to insert for maximum payout. There is nothing worse than seeing the jackpot combination line up and then discover you didn’t insert enough coins to qualify for the big payoff.

Online Slot Machine Strategy
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